Human Tree Entertainers Gallery

Wherever these Living Hedges appear people love to get their cameras out to take pictures!


These Event Entertainment Experts have been the subject of a thousand selfies, they've photobombed royalty, their pictures have even appeared in National and International newspapers!


Have a look through this collection of pictures and see what we mean. Maybe some day you'll be lucky enough to have the Hedge Men appear in your photographs - you'll never look at your own bush in the same way again!


Have you been lucky enough to meet the Living Topiary whilst they've entertained the masses at a Corporate Event? We'd love to see the photos! Send them over and we'll put them up on this gallery.


If you meet them at a future event always remember, smile as wide as you can and say: "Treeeees!". 

© 2019 The Human Hedges are proud to be part of The Living Statue Company

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